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Tin Barn Vineyards

Our Wines

No matter the varietal, each of our Tin Barn Vineyard wines offers a scrumptious, elegant experience perfect for sharing in fellowship. Enjoy our boutique, single-vineyard wines with a meal, appetizer or on their own.

Red Wine Varietals

Tin Barn Vineyards offers a host of luscious, elegant artisan red wines, each reflecting the terroir of a single vineyard and sourced from the finest vineyards in Sonoma County. These unique wines demonstrate an uncommon balance resulting from our passion for the wine-making process, from grape to glass.

Whites & Rosé

Artisanally crafted to reflect the terroir of their respective vineyards, our Zinfandel Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc wines are produced from finest vineyards in Sonoma County. Crafted with fruit sourced from from Hi Vista Vineyard, our Sauvignon Blanc is grown in the famous Carneros region, where the climate is cool resulting in grapes with fresh citrus and melon aromas.

Red Wine Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon

Noted for their particularly striking characteristics, our Cabernet Sauvignons demonstrate the handcrafted sophistication of single vineyard wines. Preiously, we also produced a limited 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Pickberry Vineyard on the northeast slope of the Sonoma Mountain offers a mélange of dried cherry, tobacco and cocoa, uniting amid luxuriously soft tannins. The following year we produced a 83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Merlot with luscious depth, again benefiting from the volcanic soil and mild climate of Pickberry Vineyard.With fruit sourced from the sunny and mild Sonoma Valley, our Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon features an uncommon balance noted for its clove and cherry flavors with nuances of rich chocolate and toasty sweet oak. Learn more…


Our Merlot is sourced from the cool volcanic soil of Pickberry Vineyards on Sonoma Mountain. The vines here are subject to balmy days and chilly nights, leading to a flavorful Merlot featuring bursts of wild cherry, a touch of chocolate and a luxe, lingering finish. Learn more…

Pinot Noir

Facing San Pablo Bay, the breezy, foggy Ricci Vineyard in the Carneros district on the outskirts of the town of Sonoma provides ideal conditions for growing alluring Pinot Noir. With fruit sourced from this idyllic location, our Pinot Noirs are silky and supple with distinct notes of dried cherry and clove. Learn more…



We produce two single-vineyard Zinfandels, each representing the unique terroir of their source: the warm, exposed mountainside of the Los Chamizal Vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, and the cool, sandy soil of the Russian River Valley. The Sonoma Valley Zinfandel features fruity dark berry aromas amid a balanced tannin structure. The Russian River Valley Zinfandel is marked by a deep garnet color, lush velvety mouthfeel and long, seductive finish. Learn more…

Whites & Rosé

Sauvignon Blanc

Our Sauvignon Blanc features soft, tropical aromas that are balanced by the stainless, concrete and barrel fermented juice - making it ideal to pair with appetizers like goat cheese, oysters and green vegetables and delicate fish like sole. Most of our Carneros Sauvignon Blanc is fermented in tank to preserve its flavors, while portions were fermented in concrete egg and neutral oak for mouthfeel.No malolactic fermentation is used, resulting in a crisp acidity on the palate. Learn more…


At Tin Barn Vineyards, we love when wine enthusiasts like ourselves visit our winery and tasting room to learn more about our process and wines. Our winery offers visitors an intimate atmosphere to explore their appreciation for fine wines, like our Zinfandel Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, while chatting with fellow wine oenophiles. Our tasting room is the perfect place to indulge your enthusiasm for artisan wine making, as our staff is a crew of devoted wine lovers - all thrilled to give you impromptu cellar tours at no extra charge and a true glimpse into the heart of the Tin Barn Vineyards operation.